Thursday, July 12, 2012

5 Essential Shorts for the Summer. //

Shorts are the staple of everyone's summer wardrobe. It's great to have a wide variety depending on your style. Here are some of my favorites from my closet that I just can't survive the summer without.

Denim Cutoffs (above by Almost Famous)
Cutoffs will always be the classic short. Especially a nice distressed looking pair for a grungy look or to juxtapose with a feminine top. They look great at most lengths and in medium to lighter washes. Your best bet is to try your local thrift store for a pair of ready made ones or even custom make your own with an old pair of worn in jeans! 

Floral (above by Bullhead)
Floral anything is a must for me. Floral shorts add that perfect punch to a plain white tee and can be dressed up or down. I stuck with a pale floral denim short that I've paired with anything from a simple tank top to a flowy blouse and blazer. PacSun is my favorite place for floral shorts.

Khaki (above by Discovery Clothing Co.)
Khaki is the plain white tee of shorts. These shorts can be dressed up or down, and can be paired with nearly anything. I love a nice button down shirt or a nautical striped top with these. Also, ballet flats or a cute pair of boat shoes for that New Englander kind of look. Try a store like J. Crew or Hollister for nice pair.

Cargo (above by Unionbay)
These aren't your early 00's kind of cargo shorts or those awesome Kim Possible-esque culottes, but they can be just as comfortable and chic. Cargos are always best for casual looks, and always work best with sneakers. If I'm feeling campy or tomboyish, I slip these on for comfort. Since cargo naturally has a lot going on, keep your tops minimalist but don't be afraid of accessories. Try a department store like Macy's or JcPenney for good cargo shorts.

Bermuda (above by Aeropostale)
I freaking love Bermuda shorts. They're flattering on everyone and are always classic. I love my plaid ones when I'm going boating or somewhere nautical. A nice polo shirt and slip-ons look great with bermudas. Besides Aeropostale, Abercrombie is also a great place for bermuda shorts.

Stay sweet.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

june 2012 photo diary. //

Just wrapping up a rather eventful June. I went to Six Flags Great America twice, threw a party and attended another, went to my first Pride parade, and soaked up some sun at the beach. I'm trying to make sure that I make my last summer in Chicago before college one of the most memorable and I'm glad I have my wonderful friends there to make that happen. 

Stay sweet.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

warming up to overalls. //

Cardigan & Undershirt: Discovery Clothing Co. // Overalls & Necklace : Forever 21 // Shoes: Olsenboye // Bag: Louis Vuitton // Various bracelets

I've had these overalls for a good while now, I could just never figure out anything to wear with them! I had errands to run and I wanted to be comfy but not look too slouchy and I came across these already in my closet. It was like wearing pajamas outdoors, but much more chic. The taupe heels were a nice touch. I'm getting used to my old hairstyle again... It frames my face nicely!

In other news, I was accepted into Sugarlips Apparel's Affiliate Bloggers program! They'll be sending me my reward very soon! I'm super excited! ♥

Stay sweet.